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31. August 2017
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GUAMPA Energy Iced Tea

Perfect Refreshing Iced Tea Recipe for your energy boost – How to Make Homemade GUAMPA Energy Iced Infusion

Naturally refreshing iced tea that’s calorie and sugar free!

Ready-made ice-cream drinks are usually very sweet: According to Ökotest around 20 cubes of sugar are hidden in one liter! Just one more reason to try our refreshing Iced tea recipe with mint and GUAMPA Energy at home. This sweet iced tea recipe is made with stevia instead of sugar and that’s how to prepare the delicious iced mint tea infusion with energy boost at home:

The base for our GUAMPA iced tea infusion is a very strong mint tea. Simply brew fresh mint leaves from the garden (or use dried mint leaves / mint tea bags) and/or green tea with a few Stevia leaves, let it all pick up some flavour for a couple of minutes and then immediately cool it down it with ice cubes. If the infusion is nice and cold, it is poured with ice-cooled GUAMPA Energy according to your taste and topped with the juice of a lime. Serve the refreshing GUAMPA “Wake Up” infusion then in a glass with ice cubes, decorated with mint and stevia leaves and a slice of lime.