A new generation of energydrinks

GUAMPA is an energy drink with a refreshing new taste, exclusively sweetened with RealStevia™ from Paraguay.

We donate 1 cent per every sold can to Fundación Granular, a foundation of our partner Real Stevia™ which is tasked with promoting cooperation and helping farmers in Paraguay learn to cultivate Stevia sustainably, through free training and further education. The foundation also ensures that farmers are regularly supplied with new seedlings.

We are very proud that together with our partners, we created GUAMPA Refreshing Energy – a tasty, sugar free and sustainable alternative to a typical energy drink!

Made in Germany

We are a traditional family business from Nuremberg (Germany) with a young team, who dared to launch a new project together with our long-time partner RealStevia™. In real partnership, we decided to create a very special energy drink.


RealStevia™ Farm in Paraguay


Where does the name GUAMPA comes from?

In Paraguay, the refreshing drink Tereré is typically served as a casual beverage, traditionally drunk out of a drinking vessel called “Guampa”. The Guampa is refilled with water all day long, and is very refreshing and energising during summer times.


The wonderful Paraguay inspired us to our GUAMPA logo.

The wildlife of Paraguay is breath-taking! The gorgeous toucan with his big colourful beak loves tasty fruits, and is a symbol for the colourful and exotic world of the Amazonian rain forest.

Paraguanian farmer

Stevia provides the farmers with a sound cash crop and a dignified occupation, which is particularly helpful to smallholder farmers as they often lack consistent sources of income for their family.


Stevia Field

Sustainable stevia farming requires four times less land area and water resources compared to sugar production. Stevia can be grown organically, and does not disturb the biodiversity of a region.

Stevia Plant

Stevia sweetness resides in its leaves.

What is Stevia?

Join the STEVi-olution! GUAMPA Energy contains Real Stevia™

The plant is called Stevia Rebaudiana , commonly known as sweetleaf, and it is a member of the largest family of plants, the Asteraceae, which is also called the “sunflower family”. It comes from South America, where it originated in Paraguay, and is naturally sweet.

The extracted sweetener consists of Steviol glycoside and is about 300 times sweeter than normal sugar. In 2011 the European commission allowed its usage in food and beverages all over Europe.

Steviol glycoside does not have a chemical origin, but a natural one: the leaves of the Stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana) and the isolated Steviol glycoside have some outstanding benefits compared to sugar and other sweeteners with chemical origin:

  • No calories compared to sugar
  • Tastes 300 times sweeter than sugar
  • Can be used as a sugar substitute for people suffering from Diabetes, Lactose, fructose or sorbitol intolerance

More information about the cultivation and use of Stevia on the page of our partner Real Stevia™

RealStevia Sustainability Report 2016

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